Realty DTS

Realty DTS

Realty Transaction System

Agent Portal

Create Rental & Sales Deals

Integrate with any listing system to provide Agents with real-time listing information. Streamline deal creation by importing listing data directly into new deal sheets.

Commission Calculation & Performance Metrics

Calculate commissions according to tier structures. View real-time performance metrics for total yearly commissions, pricing, and gross deal value.

Mobile Compatibility

Access the Agent Portal from anywhere. Deal creation, performance metrics, and more available from any mobile device.

Back Office Portal

Transaction Management

Efficiently manage deal transactions as they are created by the Agents in the field.

Referral Management

Manage in-house and outside referrals, with commission splits and specific agent referrals.

Expense Management

Easy management of all deal related expenses including management deductions, OTT, and deal adjustments.

Accounting Integration

Integrate with any Accounting System, including QuickBooks.

Listing System Integration

Consolidate Listings

Integrate with multiple listing systems and consolidate the best information into one view.

Manage Visibility

Full user permission control across the platform.

Import To Deals

Streamline the deal creation process by allowing Agents to import listing information directly into deal sheets.

Integrated Accounting

Keep or replace your current Accounting System.

Industry Leading Software

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Business Central, industry leading accounting solution for firms of all sizes.

Eliminate Double Entry

Remove the hassle of re-entering information into multiple systems. Deal information flows from end-to-end seamlessly.

Scalable Solution

Whether you have three agents or three thousand, utilize an accounting solution that won’t stand in the way of your growth

Transaction System Pricing

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Advanced Reporting & Dashboards

Want to be able to see what’s really going on in your company?