Realty Firm Efficiency

Eliminating wasted Time and Money from the Back Office process.

80% of the Realty office process is waste.

Paper deal documents, manual data entry, typing the same information in multiple places, repetitive questions from agents, referral errors, incorrect fees, improper commission calculation, and much more.

Why pay for all that waste?

80% workload reductions.

What could you do with 80% of your time back?

Our clients have seen up to 80% reductions in their Back Office staff’s workload, allowing hundreds of Agents to easily be managed. Agents are happier, staff turnover is reduced, and your back office will process deals quickly and easily.

Browse Listings

With a full integration to your listing system, Agents can browse and search listings on any number of attributes.

Create a Deal

Once an Agent is ready to create a deal, Realty DTS pulls the listing information into the deal sheet. Then all the Agent needs to do is add the additional details. The deal is then submitted to the back office for processing.

Deal Management

The Back Office portal allows your team to process all submitted deals quickly and easily. Add off-the-top expenses, management deductions, any inside or outside referrals and much more.

Accounting System

Completed deals are easily pushed to your Accounting System. Realty DTS is built with accounting-first principals ensuring that commissions are always accurately calculated.

What’s included in Realty DTS?

All features starting at $70/month.

Realty Deal Transaction System aims to be the most comprehensive all-in-one Real Estate solution. One solution, low prices, and a cost-effective support team available to assist your team as needed. Remove the clutter of multiple expensive solutions from your Company.

  • Listing System Integration

    Fully integrate with your listing system and provide your team one place for all the information they need. When it’s time to create a deal, automatically pull the listing details into the deal sheet.

  • Create Deals

    Create a deal in seconds, tracking all important customer, listing, and financial details. The Deal Transaction System acts as the central management system organizing all deals for processing.

  • Rental Management

    Manage all aspects of a Rental deal, whether representing a Landlord or a Renter.

  • Mobile Compatible

    Create deals, browse listings, and view important information from anywhere. Realty DTS is mobile compatible, giving your Agents flexibility to work where they need to.

  • Inside Agent Referrals

    Manage any Inside Agent Referrals and split commissions as needed. Track historical referrals for optimizing your business.

  • Outside Agent Referrals

    Accurately track and credit outside referrals. View historical referrals for recruitment or other business decisions.

  • Co-broker Tracking

    Keep track of co-brokers on deals. Outside broker volume is tracked and carefully organized to allow for deep business insights.

  • Commission Calculation

    Realty DTS is built with accounting-first principals. Commissions are accurately calculated with all expenses, referrals, and deductions included.

  • Management Expenses

    Deduct and track any relevant management or other off-the-top expenses to ensure correct commission checks are cut every time.

  • Accounting System Integration

    Want to keep your current Accounting System? Realty DTS can integrate with or replace your current solution.

  • Reporting & Dashboards

    Comprehensive Charts & Dashboards available for management and agents. Click here to see what is included.

  • Accounting-First Design

    Most Realty Solutions are built with a Accounting as an afterthought, leading to inaccurate reporting, auditing issues, and higher compliance costs. Realty DTS is built and managed by a team with deep Real Estate Accounting expertise.

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NTR Cloud Services

About Us

New Technology Research (NTR) Cloud Services is the premier end-to-end ERP solution provider for the Real Estate industry. With 15 years of experience and various prominent Real Estate firms as clients, we have refined the needs of our clients and them the ability to apply sophistication and efficiency to their deals management.

Our Realty package providers a full accounting integration to your established deals listing system, immediate bottom-line visibility at the point of deal completion, as well as, budgeting, and forecasting. Segment by office, including multi-office support, creating profit centers to maximize performance.